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New Additions

Trinidad Colorado

Located in the small southern Colorado town of Trinidad sits one of Grindlines new masterpieces. The park flows really well and has some cool and interesting elements including a small oververt pocket. The locals are cool and the scenery is great so add this to your list of new parks you must hit on the next road trip.

Upland is under construction this very moment. The forms for the upper half of the full pipe are being placed and the bowl is being finished. Opening day is still a few weeks away but I'm sure everyone is thinking of the lines they want to hit already. The fullpipe is 20 feet tall by 40 feet long. The round bowl is 11 feet deep and there are two 14 foot extensions facing each other with no flat bottom. The design is pretty simple. It looks like something from the late 70's. The street course is ridiculously lame as are all Purkiss Rose street courses. Check out the progress so far.

Before Ripon came along I would have said that this was the best park in California. Now I'm hearing things about Grass Valley and Coronado. Finally the tides are turning here in the golden state. Ocean Beach has incredible lines and a bunch of really challenging hips. It's also really large in overall size. This park is similar to Truckee in style but way bigger and with a lot more stuff. It's too bad you have to pay and wear pads. Click here to see what this SoCal gem looks like and get info on how to get there and what you'll need.

After being left behind for so long ,California can finally say it has a real concrete skatepark. This place is so fun.. The possibilities are endless. After skating for a full day there were still untouched little nooks and crannys to be found. According to the city worker this is a Tim Pain creation. Now my only question is why do these great parks pop up in these little towns that no one has even heard of. Well who knows. But while you ponder that and other mysteries of the universe, click here and learn more about the only park in California that has earned 5 stars.

I just got back from Europe and here it is. The king of all European parks and the home of the best annual skate contest on Earth. Marseille is a crazy place with a bad reputation for being home to some tough gangs, French hip hop, and hordes of nude German tourists in the summer. But rest assured that this is one park you don't want to go through life without skating. Click here to check out some of the photos I took and the directions you'll need to get there as well as a couple cool and cheap places to stay in the neighborhood.

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